Our Team's Key Contacts
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Angus has over 18 years investment experience.

Before starting Balmoral Angus was the Senior Investment Manager at the Swiss insurance company Zurich where he managed several billion dollars worth of multi asset portfolios.

Previously Angus was Head of Money Market and an equities focused Research Analyst at Macquarie Group.


Angus left the Australian Army as a Captain in 2003 and has a Masters of Commerce with Honours from the University of Sydney.

Angus launched the Balmoral Fund in early 2017 to provide an honest, upfront and transparent investment service targeting 8% per year while also utilising robust risk management. The Founding Investors, who remain in the Fund, are family and Australian Defence Force Officers.

Investment Committee
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Tim is the Managing Director of Informed Investor having earlier been Portfolio Manager of the Global Equity Income Fund at PM Capital and a Founding Director of the multiple award-winning hedge fund Fortitude Capital.


Tim is part of the Balmoral Fund’s investment committee and is involved with the Fund’s strategy formulation and portfolio construction.

In addition to the people named above Balmoral Asset Management has two minority owners, currently non client facing, with successful backgrounds in derivatives and business development respectively.