Balmoral believes in absolute return and capital preservation as cornerstones of wealth creation.



Positive Return Focus

The purpose of the Balmoral Fund is to deliver an absolute return every year, as far as markets permit, whilst also opportunistically tapping into growth asset classes when prudent to do so and so capture attractive total return potential. 


Growth Assets

When considering businesses to purchase we seek growing companies that reliably produce cash from their operations. Balmoral believes the past is a good predictor of the future when it comes to judging successful business models. We utilise financial statement analysis to gauge this.

When we find businesses which fit these criteria we purchase parts of those businesses when prices are attractive.


Asset Allocation

Because of the volatility of growth assets like shares the fund is careful to utilise its asset allocation freedoms to position conservatively when risks are increasing. 


Derivative Overlay

Balmoral utilizes derivatives to actively manage investment risks. 

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