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Motley Fool article

Updated: Apr 7

On the 4th of March I spoke with Tony Yoo from the Motley Fool. He was good enough to publish an article on the Motley Fool website detailing our conversation.

The article is here:


When I shared this article to my professional network on linkedin the main feedback I have received is how good it is that the communication with clients is such a key part of how we operate.

There are two main reasons for that:

  1. There are a lot of friends and family invested in the Balmoral Fund. It matters a great deal that we look after this capital and repay that trust with integrity respect.

  2. Coming from an institutional investment management background where the only client was a highly sophisticated financial institution - full accountability, transparency and explaining all decisions is my standard.

I greatly appreciate the chance to talk with Tony and his relaying our conversation to the Motley Fool clients. If anyone reading Tony's article has any questions please contact me directly.



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