• Angus Crennan

Happy Australia Day and 4th Anniversary of the Balmoral Fund

Happy Australia Day!

The Balmoral Fund commenced on Australia Day in 2017 and so today is its birthday.

Over the 4 years the Fund has been running it has delivered compound annual growth to investors of 7.6%. This is a strong result and an attractive rate of return. That is especially the case given the risk management utilised over that time.

We sat out the bulk of 2020 given the global pandemic. This low-risk strategy in our investment program, combined with the recent strength of the Australia Dollar, secured our investment capital with a steady growth in value. From inception till mid 2020 we were tracking north of 10% per year.

The good news is we are expecting a strong year in 2021 and are positioned accordingly. In the event of developments causing market stress, the Balmoral Fund has the tools required to grow even in catastrophically stressed market conditions. We will stay vigilant and ensure our risk management program remains robust.

Have a wonderful day everyone.



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