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Corona Virus Updates

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Hi all

For ease of reference I copy the updates shared over the last few weeks below.

Update sent Saturday 1 February 2020:

A quick update on your investment in the Balmoral Fund given market anxiety is rising due to the novel corona virus (designated 2019-nCoV) out of Wuhan, China.

The unit price of the Balmoral Fund as at close of business on Friday 31 January 2020 was $1.170207.

Our portfolio remains conservatively positioned and I have implemented a range of derivative positions which will stabilize the Balmoral Fund if share prices fall. I see those strategies as prudent and aligned with our positive return focus until we have more information about this virus and how investment markets will react to it.

Update sent Saturday 29th February 2020:

At present our Fund holds the majority of its investment capital in cash and in addition it has employed a range of defensive instruments to stabilize itself in this period of market volatility.

Our Fund’s unit price is currently $1.14827. We continue to prioritize downside protection and conservatism as we have been for some time now.

Update sent Saturday 14th March 2020

For the last two weeks we were positioned conservatively - the bulk of our assets were in cash and we held derivatives which benefit from falling markets. In this way we have increased the value of our portfolio over this period.

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