• Angus Crennan

Balmoral Asset Management and Investing with belief

Good investing requires capital, time and common sense. The aim is to purchase future cash inflows so your portfolio if the future receives more and more cash.

Coming back to the individual decision an investment is a positive ‘stake in the ground’ for two reasons. Firstly because it produces investment income which we can reinvest to speed future income production, but secondly because of the commitment we make to ourselves.

This blog from Balmoral Asset Management will discuss good investing. Bottom up concepts like fair valuations for a company, macro or top down considerations like too much household debt driving sentiment towards certain sectors, and the attitudes and behaviours which are the real key to success.

The blog is intended to be a factual, information service for the friends and family who have partnered with Balmoral via the Balmoral Fund. It is not intended to be taken as advice.

If you like this blog then please share the site with others and of course reach out with questions to investor@balmoralassetmanagement.com.au



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